Basha (Sources)

Basha (Sources)

Welcome to Basha Des Sources Montreal the masters on Lebanese and vegetarian food. The best combination of tastes from Lebanon and the best of the vegetarian style are here waiting for you. With the best service and many options to choose we are the best option to delight your palate. We have a wide menu. We offer Shish Taouk, Shawarma, Falafel, Vegetarian, Couscous and more. We also recommend you our Trios, Special Combos, Basha Sante and Combo Sante. Order online or by phone and enjoy of our delivery service. Or if you want, come with us for pick up at 3339 Des Sources.

(514) 685-1211

3339 Des Sources Montreal Quebec

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Basha (Sources)
Basha (Sources)

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Basha (Sources)
Mr Reviewer

-I have been coming to this Basha location for many years and my favorite thing to order is the chicken shish tawook plate. The chicken and potatoes amazing ! Always greeted with a friendly welcome. It's nice to see that they renovated as it was time for a new updated look. When I get Basha, I always think about going to this location over other ones for it's consistent service!-

Basha (Sources)
Basha (Sources)
Your local Source

-Wow, they really load it up here and the flavours are amazing! My go-to spot from now on!!! Their salad game for tabbouleh and the eggplant are out of this world. Just made to perfection! Meats have a high turnover so you’re always getting everything fresh. Definitely planning to go again this week after visiting twice in the past 9 days already lol-

Basha (Sources)
Basha (Sources)
Lucie -

-Hands down THE best take out Lebanese food. Always fresh, they know how to make salads really well! Their Taboulé is lemony and fresh, avocado salad = delicious! Their Shawarma/Shish Taouk are amazing, well seasoned. We often like to take out but stay away from the junk food, so we go to Basha DDO. We picked up again yesterday a plate of crispy meat and fresh salads, everything was fantastic! They are always consistent!-

Basha (Sources)
Basha (Sources)
Joseph WJ

-This is THE go-to for me when I want to get some shawarma, shish-taouk, etc. I used to go to the Boustan on boul Saint-Jean, since they used to give HUGE portions, but that changed. This place has the quality and value at the top, and some of the most chill people working there. I usually go with the mixed plate and the portion size is huge! Well worth the money. Love the flavor of the meat and potatoes. Hummus, well it's always good! There's an Amir and even another Boustan really close to it; I'll take this place over those any day! Except Boustan has them beat on the garlic potato poutine. Some far away Basha locations do have the special poutine, so please get on that, Basha Des Sources! Anyway, love this place, and I go there often. I hope they never reduce the quantity and quality feat. 2022 Update: First off, I get food here regularly these days and, of course, the staff are always good to me and my brother. They renovated the store and now have the poutine! You can replace the fries with their garlic potatoes and it is absolutely worth it. I tried the large serving, got some spicy sauce and vegetables. It is AMAZING. I included a photo, too. And now you guys got Boustan beat on the poutine game as well, haha. Thanks so much again for being awesome.-

Basha (Sources)
Basha (Sources)
Hany Farag

-We made a large order and when we went home we found out 3 of the shawarmas were incorrectly made with chicken instead of beef. We called them up and they delivered 3 tasty beef shawarmas to our place for free and wouldn’t even accept a tip. Excellent customer service and great food!!-

Basha (Sources)